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Consumer Tips

The following Tips will give you some things to think about before we meet to discuss your project.





Helpful Tips:

  • Before you Call
  • Financial / Budgeting
  • Hiring a Remodler
  • Managing Expectation
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Home Offices
  • Home Theater
  • Landscaping








Before you Call

Ideas you should be thinking about.

  • Scope of Project
  • General Needs
  • Specific Needs or Wants
  • Will you be using our 'Design-Build' Services or have you already met with an Architect?
  • What is your Time Frame
  • What is your Budget

Financial / Budgeting

Important planning Issues

  • How to pay for project?
  • Bank/home equity loan
  • Draws/payment schedule
  • Budget based on contract/scope of work
  • Actual item selection or allowances
  • Change orders
  • 10% for overage
  • Unforeseen issues

Hiring a Remodler

Choosing your remodeler is the most important decision in a remodeling project. Take your time and be thorough in your search. Here are just a few places to start looking for the best contractor for your job:

Word-of-Mouth Referrals
Nearly half of all projects signed by a contractor are the result of client referrals. An additional 22 percent of jobs are the result of word-of-mouth. These are your best sources for leads:

  • Relatives
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Business Colleagues
  • Lenders
  • Architects/Designers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Suppliers
  • Subcontractors

Other sources include:
  • The local NARI chapter in your area.
  • Job site signs: Pay particular attention to homes with signs from their contracting company on their lawn. Is the site clean? Are tools and materials being handled in a responsible manner? Are there dust covers over the owner's belongings to protect them?
  • Local Media Attention: Look for articles about local remodelers. Also check out local home improvement columns in the newspaper and radio talk shows in your area-they can be a great source for finding a qualified, personable contractor.
  • Direct Mail: Some contractors will send direct mail to homeowners within a few blocks of a current job. Call and ask the homeowner if you could tour the project with the contractor.
  • Seminars: Attend local seminars on home improvement topics. Some firms host free seminars on how to choose a remodeler and other interesting remodeling topics. Check your local newspaper community news section for information.
  • Home Shows: This is a somewhat tricky place to interview contractors since they will be surrounded by other consumers. However, this is a great place to gather information about companies and to make an initial contact with the contractors.

Managing Expectation

Understand your project workflow to give everyone 'peace of mind'.

  • Hi's and Lo's
  • Disrupt lifestyle
  • Dust/Noise
  • Pets/Children
  • Material storage
  • Facility use
  • Delays - weather / change orders / materials
  • Problems with breakdown
  • Problems with 'Assumptions'


  • Mold/Moisture issues
  • Means of Egress - depending on Township
  • Material delivery
  • Furniture
  • Access panels / utilities
  • Extra Bathroom


  • We are a NARI Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler
  • Master bathroom suite or upgrade powder room
  • Relocate fixtures
  • Access for new fixtures
  • Plumbing supplier or Home Depot?
  • Lots of choices to make


We can help map out your plan.

  • We are a NARI Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler
  • Same size / expand?
  • Cabinetry - custom / semi-custom
  • Appliances
  • Counters - Granite/ Corian / Laminate
  • Sinks / fixtures
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation for cooktop / Gas or electric
  • How do you cook
  • 1 person or many
  • Messy or Organized
  • Work flow

Home Offices

Electrical requirements, Networking requirements, Accessibility by other family members.

Home Theater

  • Work with professionals like World Wide Stereo
  • Location - basement
  • Sound treatments / construction details
  • Cabinetry / component locations


Work with Seel Brothers Landscaping




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